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Get to know you, your life and your goals and most importantly then see if we are a good fit for each other

One to One Coaching

Laser focused & Transformational

What I Offer

An initial discovery session takes place that last for a MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS. This is a deep coaching session where we can assess together what you need and craft out a package based on your desires. Many clients have had breakthroughs and transformations from this session ALONE.

The most important question you and I must answer in this initial session is - ARE WE A GOOD FIT AS COACH AND CLIENT?

I firmly believe the powerful relationships I build with my clients are the key to their (and my) success. I want this relationship to have a solid foundation built on trust, respect so I can deliver as powerfully as I can for you.

We go in depth about your dream, desires, your pain and your fears. Emotional outbursts are regular in my sessions as we break through your current beliefs and fears so we can implement new, empowering beliefs to help elevate and move you forward into your dream lifestyle.

Transformation Coaching - 1 on 1

We will look at your current beliefs and using Strategic Intervention we will re-programme them into new ones that will help you become laser focused. I will help you during these sessions to become self-reliant on your happiness and we will work on improving your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical states so you can perform at your peak level.

I give my absolute best in these sessions and they are made to push you into new levels of growth. After each session, there will be clear tasks and feedback given. Everything begins with your state of mind so this is where we direct most our focus so you can make decisions that best serve you and your goals.

Bespoke Coaching

  • FREE 2 Hour Consultation
  • Package offered based on YOUR needs.
  • Long term commitment with a clear result

One Session

I hour

£ 139
  • 2 Hr Session
  • Clear Action Steps
  • Flexible Booking

Areas I Coach:

  • Helping clients set and achieve goals - no more procrastination. In other words you become an action taker!
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs and performing at your peak level mentally
  • Helping clients create a permanent lifestyle and creating relationships that make them happy and fulfilled

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