Attended one of Chris’ seminars! Truly inspiring and motivating! For anyone looking to achieve new goals personally, educationally or professionally I would definitely recommend!

– Patricia Magee

I initially approached Chris around 6 months ago. I heard through a family member he was doing life coaching and I was skeptical but also curious as I NEEDED to make a change in my life.

I had been through 7 jobs in 3 years, had lost touch with loved ones and I was partying out of control.

Chris took me through the areas of my life and explained my behavior in a way I had never seen. We made slow changes over the course of several months – each goal pushing me out of my comfort zone but to a point where things felt achievable. 

Fast forward 6 months I have a full-time job I love and I am in a new relationship with an amazing girl and I am currently in the process of getting my driving licence and investing more into myself.

It has been HARD WORK and sometimes I doubted myself but Chris kept me motivated in the right ways – some days he was harsher than others but it was what I needed!

Thanks for all your help.

– Gary

I have known Chris for some time as a fellow member of JCI Belfast (Belfast Junior Chamber of Commerce).

As President of the local chamber it is great to have engaged members and Chris is someone who always steps up when required and is a regular attendee to training events.

I recently attended an event where Chris spoke about his peak performance business and I took a lot of practical advice away as I know did everyone else.

In my sales and customer service role it is really important to be healthy in mind and body so it’s brilliant to have people like Chris close by to provide real world advice!

– (William Redpath, JCI Belfast President)

Dear Chris,

I feel so much better and – surprisingly enough for my own self – at peace! 

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I think a part of me really clicked when we talked about self-respect and that it consists of not letting other people ruin my soul through allowing myself to experience negative emotions that are triggered in me.

I got from this one session exactly what I needed in one shot: You have helped me resolve my greatest weakness by reassuring and enabling in me strong decision-making capabilities.

-(Anastasia Tcherepanova, Client)

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