Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet: 5 Steps

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Look back on 2018 as a fantastic year. Whether you had struggles or success you can now reflect on it and start implementing positive changes to move forward. When making changes to your life for the better it takes a lot of hard work and discipline. That’s the reality. If you cannot make that commitment to put the work in you will not get the results.


So, as a new year’s treat I’ve put together 5 steps so you can make 2019 your best year

Step 1

Practice Self Love.

Invest MONEY and TIME into yourself. Get a personal trainer if you don’t like your body. Join a mastermind group. Hire a life coach to guide you through breaking personal limitations and start getting what you want. Book yourself on a weekend personal development retreat.

Eating healthier, exercising regularly and engaging in activities you love are scientifically proven to make you happier.

If you don’t have money then find it. Be resourceful by selling things you don’t need or taking on an extra job. Use your skills and knowledge to your advantage to make some extra cash.

I promise that if you invest money and time on your personal development you will feel happier, more positive and more motivated immediately.

Step 2

Set Goals

Set a couple of major goals for the year. These can be personal or professional. Break them down into monthly and weekly goals.

Reverse engineer them and start taking small actions per week to move yourself a step closer.

The biggest challenge her is a lack of motivation and accountability. Hire a coach or announce to your friends you plan on achieving this. It will make you more likely to follow through.

When you have your weekly goals its time to schedule them in Step 3

Step 3

Make a schedule

At the beginning of the week use the calendar in your phone to block out work time, family time and leisure time.

Then use the extra time you have to engage in new hobbies, seminars, exercise, reading time or even start a small business on the side.

When you have structure and routine in your week you will become much more likely to follow through with your necessary tasks. When you follow through with your schedule you will become more productive and happier because when you achieve small goals you release the feel good hormone dopamine into your brain.

Step 4

Work on your relationships

The relationships in your life will account for 90% of your happiness. A positive environment full of healthy relationships will make you more motivated but will also make you more grateful and content with where you are in life.

This can be business relationships, family relationships or your romantic relationships.

Tell toxic people to fuck off so you can create room for better relationships in your life.

Step 5

Spend time reflecting

This can be once a day, once a week or once a month. Congratulate yourself for things you achieved and completed and celebrate your wins.

If you didn’t achieve something then ask yourself

“What can I do better next time?”

Take full responsibility for everything in your life – good and bad. When you do that you automatically give yourself the power to make changes and aren’t relying on an outside force

Happy new year everyone!

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