My Most Important Tip To Getting The Most Out Of Yourself And Your Day

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“I don’t have time” is one of the most common phrases used when it comes to not applying yourself towards achieving something. To have time, you must create it.

This could be a huge goal like growing your business by 50% in a year or a simple goal such as passing your driving test. There is ONLY 1 thing that contributes towards achieving a goal and that is “Action”.

The thought of achieving a big, ambitious goal can be overwhelming. Getting caught up in the details and process can be enough to put anyone off.

Instead of thinking about the process you can change your questions. “What can I do today to take myself one step closer to this goal?”

It can be the smallest of things such as sending an e-mail or getting out of the house for 30 minutes. Whatever it may be, each consistent action will take you one step closer. As you build momentum things will start falling into place and you’ll see how far you’ve come over a period of time. Day by day it may not look like much but over the course of weeks or months you will surprise yourself.


First, to get the motivation to take action the goal must be emotionally compelling. Why do you want it?

Examples include:

Goal Why?
To start my own business I want to make money from something I’m passionate about and that enjoy learning about
To pass my driving test I have a family and want to provide efficiency to my lifestyle
To improve my relationship I love my partner and want to have the best memories and life together

Whatever the goal and whatever the reason, you need to create time so you can take the actions necessary to get you a step closer.

So here is my best tip to getting the most out of yourself and your day:

Wake Up Early

It can reduce negative thought patterns, according to a study in 2014. In the early days of starting my first business I was smoking weed a lot and had a bad routine, often going to bed at 12 and waking up around 9 to start work at 10. I would sit at night and think about all things like:

  • The phone calls I have to make
  • The fact that I wasn’t going to the gym
  • The clients I had to re-arrange
  • All the non-important monetary commitments I had made

I understand this one fully as I’m sure most of you do. Getting up AT LEAST 2 hours before I had to leave for work gave me extra time to get ahead of the day and get my mind in the correct place.

Now and again I’ve fallen back into bad habits of sleeping in (we are all human, right?) but quickly re-align myself and the difference in productivity is phenomenal.

Pushing through this mental battle number 1 in the morning automatically can give you more motivation to push yourself further.

Over time I developed habits as a result of the extra time such as:

Early morning exercise

Cold showers


Goal setting


When I do a couple of these things in the morning I perform at my peak and take action at a different level to get the most out of my days.

What can this do for you?

As I said, pushing past this mental battle in the morning will automatically motivate you to push through more mental barriers. A good tip here is to splash cold water on your face as soon as you wake up and put on some form of clothing.

The hardest part is getting up. Once you are up you now have 2 hours to get ahead of your day. Brian Tracey, author of “Eat that Frog” suggests you do your hardest tasks first. This can vary from person to person but using this time for some form of self-improvement is excellent because there are no distractions.

Starting the day off early and completing some simple tasks such as exercising, walking the dog, reading or even setting your schedule for the day can help you relax.

When you start the day off in a rush, your mind is conditioned to be that way all day and small problems can become overwhelming. When you start your day off with some sense of achievement you will become more productive, efficient and make much better decisions.

Give it a go!

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