Dating – Being Authentic With Your Intentions

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Hook Up Culture


Everybody seems to frown on dating in 2018. People looking for a serious relationship especially don’t like the  “Hook Up Culture” which is so abundant these days. Girls from all over are complaining about unwanted sex messages and pictures.


I love sex just as much as the next man but I also love the process of dating. Actually enjoying the human being I’m with in my mind is a much better way to spend the evening – and to top it off the sex is normally much better! Connecting on a deeper level – emotionally, spiritually and mentally makes the physical connection better.


At least they are authentic


While I’ve got my own views on the “Hook Up Culture” it is hard to overlook the fact that these people are authentic. Telling a potential lover what you are looking for, and being unapologetic for it, is admirable and bold and since dating is a numbers game there will be people who accept those terms.


At least they give you the opportunity to accept or reject so both of you can get together and move on.


What you should do


Even if you are looking for a hook-up it is important to make it clear to the other person. Don’t leave them in limbo and make them think it is going somewhere when it is not. It is one thing to state your authentic intentions but it is another thing to lie and PRETEND your intentions are something else.


If you are serious about dating you should start getting comfortable with rejection.


In my opinion there are too many people out there who are afraid of being vulnerable and putting themselves out there on a first date because they feel they might get rejected and therefore stick to the hook-up, emotionless culture.


This comes from insecurity and neediness. If you love and value yourself you will be OK with someone not liking you romantically and move on until you find someone that does. Not everybody has to like you – the people that do will stick around


Opening yourself up for rejection means you also open yourself up for something more meaningful and deeper as well.

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