Hi, I'm Chris Magee
I am a Life, Relationship and Peak Performance Coach

I help you set and achieve Your Dream goals, improve your mindset and achieve peak performance in your relationships, personal and professional life.

Let's get down to it.....

Do you procrastinate and struggle to achieve goals you set for yourself?

Are you stuck in a career or job you don’t like?

Do you want to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships?

Is communication with your partner an issue for you?

Have you got health, fitness and wellbeing challenges you want to overcome?​

Do you have limiting beliefs that prevent you from going after what you want?​

What I can do for you?

Passionate and driven to succeed and I want the same for my clients

I'm a public speaker and I speak regularly at my own events in Belfast and beyond.

I’ve really come to enjoy public speaking and love giving great content to whoever is in the audience. Contact me for information on any of these events.

I have been trained in Robbins – Madanes Strategic Intervention.

As a peak performance coach, it was only right that I started learning my craft from the master of peak performance. My learning in this area will never be finished. The more I learn and grow, the more value I can bring you.

I can help you with a range of areas

If you struggle in one of the areas listed below then please don’t hesitate to book a FREE discovery session to see where I can help you. Every single one of these areas has been a struggle for me at one point or another so I use my experiences to help you overcome it too.

  • I help my clients improve their mindset and set goals so they can set goals and achieve peak performance in their relationships, personal and professional lives.
  • I help clients create a lifestyle they love - filled with people and circumstances that makes them happier and more fulfilled

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